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By including the Foundation in your long-term charitable plans, you're making a lasting legacy that will impact the lives of those who selflessly serve to protect and safeguard our communities and country as first responders and in the Armed Forces, our nation's veterans from conflicts past and present, and their families.

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Join the Legacy Society

Through the Legacy Society the names and spirit of our supporters will be forever honored. Joining the Legacy Society can be as simple as informing the Gary Sinise Foundation of your intention to make a planned gift and including a copy of your estate plans. To get started, visit this link.

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Pennsylvania couple honor the military legacy of their family with gift to the Gary Sinise Foundation

Thomas Ondrea, a Vietnam veteran, and his wife, Christine, pledged a portion of their estate to the Gary Sinise Foundation to honor their family's legacy of military service and ensure supportive programs and resources reach generations of veterans.


Planned financial gift supports veterans, service members, first responders, and their families

Legacy Society member, Linda McKinney, pledged a percentage of her estate and trust to the Gary Sinise Foundation in honor of her father.

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Legacy Society Members Jenna and Michael Devers Serve America's Heroes

The third installment of Portraits in Giving profiles Jenna and Michael Devers philanthropic legacy and planned gift to the Gary Sinise Foundation.

“It is our honor to ensure that your legacy serves as a beacon of hope and gratitude for our nation’s heroes.”

-Gary Sinise
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Long-range Financial Plans

If you are planning to provide for charitable gifts in your estate and financial plans, please consider including the Foundation as one of the causes you would like to help sustain in this thoughtful way. Your gift will be a lasting legacy that will help ensure continued impact on the lives of those who selflessly serve to protect and safeguard our communities and country.

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Do more for our heroes with a non cash gift

Now more than ever, supporters of the Gary Sinise Foundation are making a difference in the lives of our nation's defenders, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need. By giving smarter, tax-savvy gifts, you not only honor and serve these heroes, but also support your own financial goals.

Stocks and Crypto

Stock Portfolios, IRAs, and Cryptocurrency

Gifts from non-cash assets, such as Donor-Advised Funds, Stock portfolios, IRAs, and Cryptocurrency can make a powerful impact on the Gary Sinise Foundation today. Thanks to our new partnership with FreeWill, you can donate to the Gary Sinise Foundation in under 10 minutes and help us maintain accurate records of the gifts you make, reducing overhead and making sure your generosity goes further.

Support Our Nation's Heroes With Your Smart Gift

Legacy Society Core Values

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    The quality of being honest and having strong moral principles is what drives the Gary Sinise Foundation.  Gary, his team, our recipients and our donors all uphold the value of integrity to the highest level.