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Police Officer Save by Dog

Officer Saved By Dog After Lightning Strikes Home Receives Aid From Foundation

The Gary Sinise Foundation recently provided financial assistance to Florida police officer Josh Rotarius and his service dog Null who saved his life by alerting him of a fire after his home was struck by lightning back in July.

Honor Roll > Who Will You Honor?

Announcing the Gary Sinise Foundation Honor Roll!

Join Gary in honoring those in your life who have served our country with dignity and those who continue to protect our freedom and safety by preserving their names on the Gary Sinise Foundation Honor Roll.


Gary Explains How 9/11 Motivated Him to Help Our Nation's Heroes

Our very own Gary Sinise talks about serving as the master of ceremonies for the upcoming Patriot Award Gala at the 2022 Medal of Honor Celebration, his mission from self to service, and how his desire to make a difference for our nation's Military and First Responders grew after the tragic events of 9/11.

GS Memorial Day Event

Highlights from the GSF Snowball Express Memorial Day Event

We had the great honor of hosting families of our fallen heroes this Memorial Day, which included a visit to their heroes' resting place. This memorable trip was a time for remembrance, connection, and healing.


Gary Featured on the 10th Anniversary Issue of U.S. Veterans Magazine

Our very own Gary Sinise is the cover story for the 10th-anniversary issue of U.S. Veterans Magazine! It has been ten years since Gary's first cover story for their inaugural issue back in 2012, and he was honored to be their cover story once again.

Forrest Jenny Dog

Foundation Welcomes Future Leader Dogs for the Blind "Forrest & Jenny"

Last week, the Gary Sinise Foundation announced on National Assistance Dog Day a $350,000 grant to Leader Dogs for the Blind to support their service of veterans, defenders, and first responders who are blind or visually impaired with highly skilled guide dogs.

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Icon: Smart Homes


specially adapted smart homes completed for our severely wounded heroes

Icon: Invincible Spirit Festivals


attendees of our Invincible Spirit Festivals since 2012

Icon: Serving Heroes


meals served to our nation's defenders across the country

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veterans & their guardians have participated in our Soaring Valor experiences



heroes have returned from Iraq & Afghanistan bearing the mental and physical wounds of war.
Who will help ensure their care?
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