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70specially adapted smart homes completed or underway for our severely wounded heroes
102,400+attendees of our Invincible Spirit Festivals since 2012
162,842+meals served to our nation’s defenders across the country
943veterans & their guardians have participated in our Soaring Valor experiences

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Heroes have returned from Iraq & Afghanistan bearing the mental and physical wounds of war.

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Thank you so much. Our veterans had a wonderful time. They all returned with smiles and want to know when they can do it again. Thank you.

- Ron Brand Veterans Homes of California

With the grant we were able to purchase lockers to finally get all of our gear off the floor. For years we have had to use folding chairs to hold gear and hope nothing was damaged. The items you have enabled us to purchase will not only help protect our guys but also help us to better serve the community.

- Kevin Merritt Fire Chief for Chagrin Falls Fire Department

This truck could not have come at a better time. My dad passed away in March and my service dog passed away in March. I cannot express my gratitude for this gift enough to let you know how much of a difference it’s going to make in my life.

Tara Hutchinson Single Amputee Veteran

“I’m still amazed at the effort so many wonderful people put in to pull this whole adventure off flawlessly! You guys are all great, and you really did make it very special. Thank you for everything!”

- Capt. Elizabeth Schloemann Surviving Military Spouse & Hollywood Adventure Participant

After weeks of dealing with round-the-clock response and recovery efforts, a mix of emotions, and everything that comes with handling one of the biggest natural disasters in U.S. history, our office needed something to look forward to. Your generous gift allowed many of our first responders to have a better Thanksgiving as many of them also lost their homes to Harvey.

- Mike Montgomery Harris County Fire Marshal

Upon returning from my first tour in Afghanistan, the loss of more brothers than I’d like to remember was taking its toll. I saw a poster that the Lt. Dan Band was performing in my area and decided to attend. I like to believe that one show kept me from doing the unthinkable. Thank you for all you do.

- Anonymous Marine (withheld for privacy)

The biggest thing I got from attending was that growth is possible. I learned that I do not have to live my life as a diminished version of myself, but a better version. I also learned better ways to cope with stressors in life. And that I am not alone.

- Keith Richard US Army, SFC (Ret)

I'd like to thank Gary and the Foundation for providing a free lunch here at our USO. There are folks out there in the civilian world, like Gary, who constantly pour into our community and I am so thankful. The lunch provided today benefitted at least 150-200 Jr. Soldiers. Having been in their shoes 17 years ago, I can tell you it really hit the spot.

- Matthew Edmonds El Paso, TX

It isn’t easy to put into words what Snowball Express meant to my 8-year-old daughter and me but I will try. I guess the easiest way to explain it is to simply state that it was the first time since losing my husband that I went 5 days in a row without crying. Sure, there were a few moments of filling up with tears. However, those were tears of gratitude and pride.

- Jennifer Hanson Widow of LCDR Keith Hanson, USN

Words cannot convey how grateful I am to you for hosting my father on your Soaring Valor trip. We will cherish the memories for the rest of our lives. Thank you for your program and for honoring my dad in a way that I never could.

- Colin Claus Son of WWII veteran and Soaring Valor attendee

After investing so much time and training for that level in special operations, my career was over in a few seconds. You start thinking, ‘How will I provide for my family?’ But the house you built for us knocks down the obstacles most people wouldn’t think about. I don’t worry about limitations or disadvantages.

- SFC Jared Bullock We proudly built a specially adapted smart home for Jared and his family.