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Partnership with The Tiny Soldier

November 4th, 2011


This week we are excited to announce the launch of our partnership with The Tiny Soldier. The Tiny Soldier is a company committed to giving back to our military by spreading patriotic pride through selling children’s clothing embroidered with over 30 available patriotic designs. “I was looking for a way to make a difference,” The Tiny Soldier founder Janell Mitchell described. “I wanted to do something to pass patriotism on to kids everywhere by making it fun. I wanted to help kids feel proud of their parents who serve.” She added, “A child should be able to say proudly, ‘That’s my daddy. He’s a Marine.” Together, Janell worked with us to create our own special patriotic design now available for sale on The Tiny Soldier.

Meet Calvin - the Gary Sinise Foundation's very own Tiny Soldier!

Joining the ranks of other tiny soldiers, Calvin, named after Calvin Coolidge, represents the mission of our Foundation to honor and support our nation’s defenders, first responders and their families. And as a Tiny Soldier, Calvin brings together the importance of giving back with the hope of installing in our nation’s youth both patriotism and a sense of pride in the Red, White and Blue!


Some of the Calvin - embroidered goodies Janell sent over for the Foundation staff!

50% of all proceeds from sales of our special line will go back to the Foundation, while 5% of all overall products will continued to be donated to Operation Gratitude. So in purchasing a piece of clothing with Calvin, you are helping to not only support our mission, but to help support the wonderful things The Tiny Soldier is doing to help our troops.

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A few girls of the Foundation wearing our new Calvin shirts

“I truly believe this partnership between the Gary Sinise Foundation and The Tiny Soldier is going to help inspire others to take that step and show they’re proud of our troops and understand what their sacrifice to protect our amazing country stands for,” Janell explains, “We all want to make a difference and this is just the beginning of something great!”