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Why We Give: The Geffons Share Their Story

April 22nd, 2015

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Before we moved out west, we were lifelong New Yorkers. Like Gary, 9/11 was a turning point in our lives. Billy was working in Manhattan at the time. We lost several friends and knew countless others that were impacted.

That day had a profound effect on our thinking. We came to a new appreciation of freedom and its cost. Our grandparents fled to this country to escape tyranny. Cheryl’s father, a first generation American, was a veteran of WWII. She knows firsthand the hardships our military families face.

The Gary Sinise Foundation came to our attention through a screening of Lt. Dan Band: For the Common Good at the Sedona Film Festival. After researching the Foundation's programs and outreach, we knew their mission was something we could enthusiastically support.

We share the Foundation’s belief that all citizens must support those who protect our freedom. That’s why we make quarterly donations through our Fidelity Donor Advisory Fund. Both of us encourage local businesses to work with the Foundation to raise funds and provide entertainment venues for veterans and their families. We’ve also decided to include the Gary Sinise Foundation in our estate plan. We could think of no finer legacy.

– William & Cheryl Geffon
Sedona, Arizona