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Lt. Gen. Rick, US Army (Ret.) & Sarah Lynch

Lieutenant General Rick Lynch, US Army (Retired) and his wife, Sarah, have been actively involved in leading and taking care of Soldiers and their Families over the course of a 35 year military career. Rick commanded at all levels, from Company to Corps, and most recently commanded all the US Army Installations, focused on providing our Soldiers and their Families with a quality of life commensurate with their quality of service. During his career, Rick was privileged to command the 3rd Infantry Division in Iraq as part of the surge in 2007. His time of the field of battle with our magnificent Service Members instilled in him a drive to help our Wounded Warriors and their Families in whatever way he can. Sarah and Rick have been married for 30 years. Sarah is an educator, with a Masters Degree in Elementary education. She has been a vocal advocate for Army Families over the past three decades, with her most recent focus being on Wounded Warriors and their Families, Gold Star Family members and other Survivors, and Exceptional Family Members. Both Sarah and Rick have been focused on establishing effective Community outreach wherever the Army took them.

while we can never do enough for our defenders and their loved ones
we can always do a little more
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