Arts & Entertainment Outreach

Arts & Entertainment Outreach

Dinner and dress rehearsal performance for America's veterans

As a cofounder of the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, Gary helped to establish their Veterans Night program, a tradition that continues nearly thirty years later. Combining his longstanding love of the arts with his quest to serve our nation’s defenders, Gary has brought Veterans Night to the Gary Sinise Foundation by creating our Arts & Entertainment Outreach program. Anyone who has served our nation may join us for dinner and a dress rehearsal performance by one of the world’s premier theatre groups absolutely free of charge. In 2013, the program was extended to the Geffen Playhouse in Los Angeles. We will be expanding to more theaters soon.

Local veterans attended ‘Vets Night’
performances in Chicago & Los Angeles

4,470+  Attendees of Steppenwolf Theatre

1,680+  Attendees of Geffen Playhouse

“We really enjoyed it and were especially touched that the Foundation was so kind to sponsor so many vets. I’m looking forward to hopefully attending more.”

-Maggie Dewan-Smith, Vets Night Attendee

2017 Hurricane Relief

We’re thrilled to announce Snowball Express is now an official program of the Gary Sinise Foundation! More details will follow, but rest assured we will expand on this program’s important work while maintaining their many wonderful traditions.

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