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Pastor Velasco

Pastor Velasco

Pastor (Pat) Velasco is an experienced entrepreneur as a founder, investor, and leader, growing a variety of companies across several industries. His businesses have included manufacturing companies in the industrial safety and energy industries. His interest in high-performing and classic vehicles led him to become an owner of the premier destination for racing and driving, which attracts car enthusiasts and professional and aspiring racers from around the world, and start a collectable car museum and sales center.

Prior to his career as a business owner, Mr. Velasco was chief executive officer at the world’s largest landscape company; a vice president at Ecolab, a Fortune 500 chemical supplies and water treatment equipment leader; and a divisional manager, based in Mexico City, for Black & Decker.

Mr. Velasco provides leadership guidance and governance as a member of several boards of directors and advisors. A licensed pilot, Mr. Velasco met Gary in 2014, when he volunteered to fly him to Duluth, Minnesota, to visit a R.I.S.E specialty adapted smart home.

Mr. Velasco was moved to become involved in the Foundation. Today, he serves on the Gary Sinise Foundation board, which he joined in 2016. Mr. Velasco holds a degree in international business from Quinnipiac University.

I have had many jobs in my life, but none has been as inspiring as serving on the board of directors for the Gary Sinise Foundation. My parents immigrated to the U.S. to pursue the lives they wanted. Their experience gave me perspective and a deep appreciation for those who made our dreams possible. I recognize that the life I lead is because another person and their family dedicated their lives to upholding freedom for us all. Their sacrifice cannot be honored enough.

Pat Velasco