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Hannah Luppino

​Hannah Luppino joined the staff of the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2014 as the Event Coordinator. In her tenure with the organization, she has worked directly with each of the Foundation’s outreach programs and now manages the Programs & Events department. In her capacity heading the department, as the current Director of Events, Hannah is involved from inception to execution of the 600+ events the Foundation puts on each year. The granddaughter of a WWII veteran, Hannah finds it “a privilege to serve our nation’s defenders past and present.” She is especially fond of the time she can spend with surviving members of the Greatest Generation through their Soaring Valor program.

Originally from Tahoe City, Hannah began getting involved in public service at an early age, volunteering for many local organizations. Her Grandfather, upon returning from the war, had moved to Tahoe City with Hannah’s Grandmother, where they founded the Cobblestone shopping center. With the addition of Hauserman Real Estate (now Coldwell Banker) and the Hauserman Rental Group, Hannah grew up in a family dedicated to serving their local community.

As a graduate of Loyola Marymount University, Hannah truly embraced their community service focused approach to education and has carried that forward to her professional endeavors. After completing her degree in Business Management, Hannah was thrilled to join the Gary Sinise Foundation in their commitment to the mission of “Serving Honor and Need.”​