Gary Sinise Foundation

Gib Bosworth

Gib Bosworth

As Vice President of Strategic Initiatives & Outreach, Gib is responsible for the strategic growth of the Foundation’s local chapters, and for engaging the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Ambassadors Council, Advisory Council, and leading stakeholders for the organization. The Gary Sinise Foundation’s chapters provide a more targeted, community-driven approach to ensuring our nation’s heroes and their loved ones are met with the right resources and services, particularly in areas of the country where the Foundation has deep roots and a long history of working with the region’s military, veteran, and first responder populations.

Gib brings his experience as a distinguished GE executive to his leadership at the Gary Sinise Foundation. Gib successfully created, developed, and led two new business verticals within GE which resulted in substantial revenue attainment coupled with delivering world-class customer outcomes by leveraging the company’s vast industrial, financial, and digital solutions. In addition, Gib successfully led the Los Angeles GE corporate commercial sales team comprised of six hundred team members across nine GE business units resulting in over $1.5B in revenue attainment.

Gib’s expertise includes cross-functional team leadership, customer champion, CX leadership, P&L management, strategic planning, cultural alignment, and project management. Gib has received numerous leadership awards and has been featured in several national and international media publications.

Gib joined forces with Gary and the Gary Sinise Foundation in 2014 and is the former President of the Gary Sinise Foundation’s Advisory Council. Gib comes from a long line of military service members—his grandfather served in the US Army during WWII and was awarded three Bronze Stars and the Victory Medal, and Gib’s uncle served in Vietnam within the Army Corp of Engineers as a First Lieutenant.