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Danny Prince

​Danny Prince joined the FDNY in 1973 whose 36-year career included assignments at ​Ladder Company 156 in Midwood Brooklyn, where he served ​for ​24 years​, and ​Safety Battalion 2 and Safety Battalion ​1 for 12 years​. Before joining the ​fire department,​ Dan served in the U​.​S​.​ Navy ​in ​1967, then the US Coast Guard Reserves,​ culminating in a career spanning 39 years between each of the service branches. He is proud to be involved with the Hope for Warriors Foundation​,​ Camp 4 Hero’s, ​the​ N​.​Y​.​ Firefighters Burn Center, ​and ​Director of ​​Friends of Firefighter​s​. Dan also volunteers his time as Treasurer of Fire Family Transport. He is also involved with the Spartan Alliance and Spartan Sword to bring awareness of the suicide rate among ​veterans and ​first ​responders.

Captain John Vigiano introduced Danny and other FDNY Firefighters from the Fire Family Transport to Gary Sinise. John Vigiano met Gary on a USO Tour and invited him to his firehouse in Brooklyn. From the first minute of meeting Gary, we realized how sincere and involved he was with veterans and their families. After 9/11, the FDNY had a powerful bond with the military. Everything that Gary Sinise Foundation does is with love and concern for the veterans welfare. Danny is proud to be a part of the foundation and continue his public service, touching lives of our nation's men and women, veterans, first responders, their families, and those in need.

“Our heroes deserve the best everything when they come home and unfortunately not everyone is taken care of...GSF has built houses for hard cases that would not have an easy life or living situation otherwise. We owe everything we have to our soldiers and as a soldier I’m not going to let anyone fall through the cracks!”

— Danny Prince