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Cedric King

Cedric King

Cedric King grew up as a single child in a single-parent home. As a teen, he spent most of his time playing basketball, working, and with his mother. Cedric joined the U.S. Army in 1995 at Fort Jackson, South Carolina. After changing his focus from aviation operations specialist to infantry, Cedric went on to graduate from U.S. Army Ranger school. During his third deployment, on July 25, 2012, in Afghanistan, his platoon conducted a reconnaissance of a possible explosives distributor in the village creating improvised explosive devices (IED). As Cedric got closer to the hut, the force of a bomb lifted him off his feet and threw him back. He sustained major internal injuries, permanent damage his right arm am and hand, and the amputation of both of his legs.

Since his injury, Cedric has earned numerous medals and awards, ran marathons, and has climbed mountains. He has finished both the New York City and Boston Marathons on several occasions and has completed a 70.3 mile half Ironman Triathlon. Cedric also authored the book The Making Point. His future plans are to finish graduate school, complete a full Ironman, continue motivational speaking, climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, and launch a nonprofit organization that gives back to low-income communities. Cedric says "Love comes from the part of us that is not visible from the outside. It's the part of us that you can't touch but you can definitely feel".

“It is of the highest importance that service members, first responders, and all those who fight for the cause of freedom for our great country be able to experience the total freedom that they fight for. Freedom costs, and is paid for with a very high price, it must not be taken for granted. Gary Sinise and GSF understand the high price of freedom that all service members pay. He continuously fights for those who fight for us all.”

— Cedric King