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Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret
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Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret


U.S. Army Green Beret Danny Patton is a modern-day warrior fighting battles that range from Afghanistan to his own living room. As the corrosive gears of war begin to rip apart his family, his integrity, and his soul, Danny is thrust into his final, eternal mission. On the other side, with Valhalla beckoning, he discovers that combat can be fueled by vengeance or by love… it just depends which price you are willing to pay.

You’ve heard the war stories of the “First In.” This is the untold true story of the Last Out: Elegy of a Green Beret.

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"Nearly 40 years ago, I had the good fortune of directing the Vietnam War drama Tracers at Steppenwolf Theatre. With Vietnam veterans in my own family, it was a personal mission for me to honor them with a great production, to let them, and all veterans, know that their service to our country was appreciated and that their sacrifices would never be forgotten. My friend, Afghanistan combat veteran, LT Colonel (retired) Scott Mann, has written the modern-day equivalent to Tracers. Based on the stories of the men and women he served with, it is a powerful play with an all-veteran cast, and as the Founder of the Gary Sinise Foundation, I am honored to present Last Out under our Foundation’s Community and Education pillar."

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Last Out is a raw emotional journey with no illusions as its core value... An intense confessional about military service and the effects on family, told from multiple perspectives. It is no sanitized, pretty TED Talk with nifty projections from practiced narrators. 
- DC Metro Theater Arts

To the civilians in the audience untouched by the hardships of war, Last Out shows the toll of deployment on military families, and the difficulty of the double life lived by service people, who move between warzones that have molded their identities and cozy, American comfort. 
- Santa Barbara Independent

…A tragic love story of the highest order that is filled with historical accuracy... This is the most emotionally compelling play I’ve ever seen – and is well ahead of most war movies and books. Hemingway came to mind as I drove away. 
- Col. Dave Phillips

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