Gary Sinise Foundation

Community Outreach & Education

Center for Education & Outreach

Opened in 2017, our Center for Education & Outreach is bringing civilians and defenders together. Through speaking series, workshops, and summits, our hosted events focus on character building exercises and educating communities about the importance of service over self.

Program Highlights

Bridging the Gap

With less than 1% of our population in the armed services today, and all serving on a volunteer basis, our military and civilian communities rarely interact. This facility provides a casual, communal environment to bring these two worlds together for constructive dialogues and inspiring events.

Raising Awareness

A service member’s successful transition to civilian life starts with a welcoming community. Our forthcoming multimedia exhibit and student tours will help instill visitors of all ages with a new respect for our defenders and raise awareness about the heroes living among them.

Featured Exhibit

Gary Sinise: A Call to Action is a retrospective look at Gary’s crusade to serve America’s heroes. The collection of memorabilia from his travels, philanthropy, and career shows how he discovered his true calling and hopefully inspires others to “always do a little more.”

Our Impact

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