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Veterans Day 2023

November 10th, 2023

Veterans Day 2023

My Friends,

It’s been my honor and my life’s great work to travel and meet military heroes and veterans from all over our country, from every branch of service, and from every war or conflict from World War II to today. Here on Veterans Day, I want to simply say “Thank you” for serving our great country.

It seems like a small thing to say thank you, but when our Vietnam veterans came home 50 years ago, our nation was divided over the war and they weren’t thanked or given the hero’s welcome they deserved. Over 58,000 gave their lives. Some, like Lt. Dan Taylor, the character I played in the movie Forrest Gump, left our country healthy and whole, and returned wounded or broken, only to live in the shadows and suffer alone. That can never, ever, ever happen again.

Earlier this Spring we held a concert at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC to formally welcome our Vietnam veterans home. It was a time of reconnections, remembrances and healing. I hope when you watch the video from this event, and the second video from over 20 years of meeting our proud service men and women, you will fully understand just how powerful the words “Thank you” can be for everyone who puts their lives on the line for our security and freedom.

This Veterans Day, be sure to reach out to the veterans in your life and let them know how grateful you are for their service. Thank you for joining me on this mission of remembrance, appreciation and gratitude.

Your grateful American pal,

-Gary signature

Written by Gary Sinise