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An Incredible Update from Gary Sinise About Day of Giving 2023!

June 28th, 2023

My Friends,

Gary Sinise here, and I can’t believe it. You are absolutely incredible.

We surpassed our goal before our 12th Anniversary Day of Giving even began.

Together, we’ve raised over $300,000. With the triple match from the Bob & Dolores Hope Foundation, our total is over $900,000, that will go to support our nation’s heroes and their families.

To see your amazing efforts, visit:

I’m overwhelmed with emotions right now. 

We’ve spent the past twelve years together improving the lives of those who sacrifice for our safety and security. We serve them. We celebrate them. We honor them.

I can’t thank you enough. Remember, you help make every home, hug, and handshake possible. 

I’m a Grateful American. 

God bless you.

Written by Nathan Davidson