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Foundation Sponsors U.S. Wheelchair Rugby Association Championship Event

June 19th, 2023


We recently had the opportunity to sponsor a U.S. World Rugby Association Championship Event. Among the athletes competing, was Foundation Ambassador and R.I.S.E. Home Recipient, wounded U.S. Army SGT (Ret.) Bryan Anderson.

The United States Wheelchair Rugby Association (USWRA) is a league available for anyone who wants to play, and is comprised from most major cities throughout the United States. The league also provides an opportunity for athletes to feed into the U.S. National Team that plays internationally, and also includes the Paralympics.

"First, I think it's crazy and cool that at any given tournament, we're playing against an Olympian or two," said Bryan Anderson. "The national championships are at the end of a grueling season where the top 18 teams in the country come together and battle it out. It’s what you work for all year."


"Hosting a tournament that’s size is a tremendous responsibility," said Anderson. "There are hotels securing the facility, food and drinks for the players and staff, and not to mention transportation to and from the airport for over 150-200 wheelchair users. The support the Foundation gave helped facilitate some of this. Everyone showed up safely and had a class-A sporting venue with good accommodations. For some, rugby is all they have. It has given life back to people who never thought they could live a normal or interesting life since injury. It’s become a community, and it greatly benefits anyone who becomes a part of it. You see all different kinds of disabilities and how people manage to do things."

"You see guys and girls better off than you and worse than you, but everyone seems to want to help anyone," Anderson continued. "If you haven’t figured out how to do something yet with your disability, there are a ton that have already and are happy to help teach you how to do it. Plus, everyone loves good old competition. It’s rough on the court, but off the court, everyone seems to have each other’s backs. I’m honored and proud to be in this league. Thank you for supporting us!"


This special event was sponsored by the Gary Sinise Foundation Adaptive Sports Program as part of our Community Outreach & Education initiative. Follow the link to learn more.

Written by Nathan Davidson