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The Latest from Our Specially Adapted Homebuilding Projects

October 7th, 2016


One year ago the Gary Sinise Foundation brought our R.I.S.E. department in-house! We are honored to have the remarkable individuals who make up this team as part of our staff. Each team member brings with them years of experience in construction, building, and design, but most importantly they have the heart and passion to serve our defenders and their loved ones.

R.I.S.E. provides mortgage-free homes customized specifically to the needs of our severely wounded veterans. This allows the recipient and their loved ones to begin a new life chapter with greater independence and self-reliance in their forever home.


LEFT: Kolfage's Groundbreaking
MIDDLE: Jones's Walls of Honor event
RIGHT: Masson's Home Dedication

Our R.I.S.E. team has been working hard since joining our staff. The Gary Sinise Foundation could not be more proud of the work our department has accomplished. 

Since our inception

28 specially adapted smart homes have been completed and 23 more homes are currently underway.

With our R.I.S.E. Director on board, we have handed keys and iPads to 12 American heroes and we have 3 more Home Dedications scheduled before year’s end. In addition, we have enrolled 14 more recipients into the program for 2017.

Our success would not be possible without our donors as well as our national and local in kind supporters. On behalf of the Foundation, we thank you.

We are excited for you to meet our incredible R.I.S.E. team below and learn more about all of our HOME RECIPIENTS.

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Watch Gary Sinise visit the Ross family’s home built through the Gary Sinise Foundation’s R.I.S.E. program