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High Flight: A Voyage to the Edge of Infinity

January 7th, 2013


My friends,

I'm very excited to announce our very first DVD. It's called "High Flight: A Voyage to the Edge of Infinity" and it documents my once-in-a-lifetime U2 flight at Beale Air Force Base in June 2011. Directed by Jon Tennyson, it also features music by CSI:NY composer Bill Brown. It's now available at our merchandise section.

The flight was incredible and my view from the cockpit was absolutely breathtaking. At that height, soaring miles above the clouds, it was simply awe-inspiring. The film also follows my intense, day-long training regiment and meetings with the base staff. I’ve now joined the High Flyers Club and can say that I am one of less than a thousand human beings to ever fly at 70,000 feet.

The disc also includes a special bonus feature, Telly Award winner, "Uncle Jack". Proceeds from your purchase will benefit the Gary Sinise Foundation.

I look forward to sharing my experience with you.

Your pal,