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January 25th, 2012

Hello folks!

I hope the new year is treating each one of you well. It's been non-stop over here as we finish shooting the eighth season of CSI:NY. Hard to believe we're almost done. Seems like just yesterday we were performing at the Mid-Season Bash.

Meanwhile, the band and I are preparing for our overseas tour of Kuwait. We'll be joined by the tour's producer and my personal friend, Judy Seale. I met Judy during Project Salute, the first USO tour of Iraq & Kuwait way back in 2003. She's a remarkable person. She owns and operates her own entertainment company, Judy Seale International, and has participated in over thirty-five tours of the middle east and war zones all around the world. Amazing.

There are many troops finishing their deployment in Kuwait who didn't get a chance to come home for the holidays. Because of this and because Kuwait was where I began my first USO tour, I very much wanted to be a part of this final effort to entertain our men and women stationed there. I'd like to thank them personally not just for their service but, in a way, for changing the course of my life forever.

My pal and filmmaker, Jake Rademacher, will be coming along to document the tour and film a video diary. I'd also like to extend an extra big thank you to Bob Bekian of ProHDRentals for generously donating the equipment. We'll post the footage on the foundation's website sometime in February, so stay tuned.

That about does it for now. As a reminder, if you're near Temecula, CA on March 1st, come out and see us perform on the steps of City Hall. All proceeds will be contributed to Building for America's Bravest™ and the construction of Lance Cpl. Juan Dominguez's new Smart Home. Check out the video below of Frank Siller and I making our request to the Temecula City Council for permission to host the show.

Hope to see you there.

Your pal,