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Sky Ball IX

October 21st, 2011

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Hello folks!

This weekend the band and I are headed to Fort Worth, Texas to perform at Sky Ball IX. We had such a great time playing in honor of WWII vets last year. This year, we'll be helping commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Medal of Honor.

Sky Ball IX is a fundraiser hosted by the Fort Worth Airpower Association that contributes to programs benefitting military members, wounded warriors, veterans and their families. All proceeds from the Sky Ball directly benefit our military families who need it most.

We’ll be taking the stage tomorrow night in the American Airlines Hanger 2200 of the Alliance Airport. Here's some more info about the event. I hope you got your tickets early because the show has sold out!

Hope to see you there.

Your pal,

Check out this clip of the band and I jamming at last year's Sky Ball VIII.

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