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How to Show Your Appreciation

October 14th, 2011

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Hello & Happy Friday to you all! In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, it’s so important to help spread appreciation and gratitude for all that our veterans, troops and military families do. If everyone gives a few minutes of his or her time, just think of the amount of give-back goodness you’d be helping to create! After mulling over how we could help everyone get involved in the spirit of giving back, we put our heads together over at the Foundation this week and came up with a few ways you can make a meaningful gesture of thanks.

Here are some Foundation staff favorites:


“With this year’s Veterans Day & Military Family Month coming up, there’s no better time to sit with a few friends or family members and write a card expressing just how important the sacrifices our troops and their families make really are. It’s a quick, affordable and gratifying way of showing you care!”


“Whenever I see a soldier at a bar, I'll buy their next round. It almost always leads them to share their story with me. And I’m glad to hear it, if only so I can thank them for their service.”


“Growing up, I was taught how important the military was and how special those men and women are. Now, I look forward to meeting anyone representing our military. It’s amazing how much a handshake, a nod of recognition or a simple ‘thank you’ means to them.”


“Being a bit awkward approaching people in public, I look for opportunities to discreetly offer a small token of appreciation. If you have a good seat on a flight, ask to switch seats with an active-duty solider or veteran, or trade seats so a military family can sit together. Pay for their dry-cleaning, offer to grab their coffee – there are small ways to say thanks everyday!”


"If I'm lucky enough to cross-paths with a military member or veteran, I'm always quick to thank them for their service. But when I can't thank them face-to-face, I've found a great way to share my support is through regular prayer offered in the direction of our troops. And, the best part is, prayer can be done anywhere & anytime."