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Anyone who has served our nation is welcome to join us for a “Vets Night” dinner and dress rehearsal performance free of charge at the Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, The Geffen Theatre in L.A., Catholic University in D.C., and more.


Expanding Horizons

In 1984, Gary directed a production of “Tracers”, a play written by Vietnam veterans. The experience was transformative for the cast, crew, and the veterans in the audience. Soon after, Gary launched the first “Vets Night” at Steppenwolf, the theatre he co-founded.


A 40-year tradition

Now part of the Gary Sinise Foundation, “Vets Night” continues to expose local veterans to the theatre. It’s a unique way to show our gratitude for their service.

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Thank you so much. Our veterans had a wonderful time. They all returned with smiles and want to know when they can do it again. Thank you.

- Ron BrandVeteran Homes of California