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Carol Brooks


Carol Brooks grew up in a military family and was an Army wife for over 38 years. She accompanied her husband on all of his assignments that included twenty-one moves to places like Korea, Germany, and twelve different states, as well as, command at every level in the Army. During all of this time, Carol, who had a profession of her own, always participated in unit activities and volunteered in various installation organizations while caring for Soldiers and families when she and her husband were separated due to deployments and other military missions. Staying back to “keep the home fires burning” often entailed providing leadership and advice other family members at the home base, visiting sick and wounded Soldiers and family members, attending memorial services for the fallen and comforting their family members, assisting in Red Cross notifications, acting as liaison between the military installation and support organizations in the community beyond the base, and mentoring those she met along the way. Carol describes herself as down to earth, outgoing, and friendly, with a passion for people (especially our warriors and their families).

while we can never do enough for our defenders and their loved ones
we can always do a little more
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