Gary Sinise Foundation

Our Team

Matthew Marquez

Matt was born and raised in the Jersey Shore town of Belmar. He is a veteran with 10 years in the United States Air Force Civil Engineer Squadron. Matt enjoys volunteering and organizing fundraising events that support his local community. He particularly enjoys skateboarding, snowboarding, basketball, flag football, and any excuse to be active.

As the Foundation’s Outreach Manager, Matt oversees and facilitates all in-house R.I.S.E. programming, including SASH, Home Mod, SAV, and MD projects. He provides guidance in daily Outreach operations, as well as working cases relating to Active Duty Service Members and their families. Matt is extremely excited about the opportunity to work with the outstanding team of the Gary Sinise Foundation and even more excited to get to know the individuals who impact the lives of those willing to sacrifice theirs.