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Drew Dix

Drew joined the US Army in 1962 at the age of seventeen. He was assigned to the 82nd Airborne Division and deployed to the Dominican Republic for his first combat tour. He remained with the 82nd until he met the age requirements for the US Army Special Forces.

While stationed in Chau Doc Province on the Cambodian border, Staff Sergeant Dix was out on a routine patrol on January 31, 1968 when the enemy launched a surprise attack. Reacting quickly, he successfully rescued a nurse who was trapped in a house in the center of Chau Phu city. Over the course of the next two days, Dix organized and led a twenty person team, ultimately saving the lives of fourteen civilians from buildings that were under heavy attack. For his heroic acts Dix was awarded the Medal of Honor by President Nixon at the White House on January 16, 1969, becoming the first Army Special Forces officer to receive the award.

Drew retired from the State of Alaska as a Deputy Commissioner within the Department of military and Veterans affairs, and served as Alaska's first Director of Homeland Security.

He is also is the Co-Founder of the "Center for American Values" in Pueblo, Colorado where he serves as the Board Chairman. He continues to be very active with the military, speaking to those deploying and, or returning from deployment and is heavily engaged with TriWest Healthcare Alliance and the Department of Defense on matters pertaining to Post Traumatic stress (PTS) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI).

“As Gary says, there's no mountain too high or ocean too wide to keep us from getting to you. Whether on the battle field or back home, the Gary Sinise Foundation touches so many personally. There is no waste, no fluff... Just down to earth Americanism at its finest helping those who have made sacrifices for us.”

— Drew Dix